Dawn of Illumination (Book 3)

The Board Is Set…

The dying Oracle can no longer protect her Structure. Moon has exposed it from the shadows in hopes to bring ruin to the world. Thousands of years of lies and secrets have given birth to fear and mistrust. The cycle of Moon’s plots have only begun to spin.

The Pieces Are In Place…

Pillars want to recreate the world, but in order to do so they must first destroy it. The Structure looks to their new leader, Augustus Granger, to take over and stop the devastation. However, Demon’s Wrath refuses to let anyone stop his plan of total annihilation.

The Game Has A New Player…

The plots, misdeeds, and fighting gave rise to Chaos. Now no one can stop her. No one is safe. No one can hide…


“Dawn of Illumination Closes Mind Boggling Trilogy by R.B. Holbrook!”

“The complexity and breadth of the world created by Holbrook surpasses anything else I’ve read. I don’t profess to be a super scifi fan, but comparing this trilogy in my opinion will be impossible–it is uniquely a “one of a kind.”

—G.A. Bixler Read full review

“Taken as one long epic, Oracle’s Legacy is a fascinating story… Recommended to adults who love epic fantasy and science fiction.”

-Dragon Views Read full review

“What I really liked about this trilogy, though, was that it’s just so different. I’m not sure how the author came up with her ideas, but her world is very detailed and quite interesting. I haven’t seen any other books like this, which is refreshing.”

-Reading Fairy Tales Read full review

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