Children of Sun (Book 1)


The Structure is a secret civilization made up of seven houses that chase after enlightenment by attempting to understand the nature of energy.

The structure of the Houses that insists upon learning and growing together is collapsing. In its place begins the seeds of infighting. Soon, without their notice, the people of the Houses begin losing their special powers.

The Oracle, the leader of the Structure, hates to see what has become of her people. But she’s dying and can do little to help them. Now, as the Structure begins tipping deeper into darkness, a new leader is needed to prevent conflict among the Houses from escalating into an all-out war.

Ollie could be the key to finding the next leader, but she has her family to think of and a life to live. Getting involved is a violent conflict is the last thing she wants to do and so she must remain unnoticed.

As power hungry factions hunt for Ollie, however, she has no choice but to get involved. She’ll do whatever’s necessary to protect her loved ones…


“Ollie is a ruthless killer you can’t help but love. While she is a skilled assassin and knows her way around weapons, part of her power gives her the ability to make others turn on themselves. R.B. Holbrook builds her characters and their world over the course of this first book with a sensory overload (in a good way) of non-stop action.”
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“Read it! An A+ rating is rare from me, only 24 of the last 700 books I’ve read have gotten it.”

“The writing style is reminiscent of the Black Dagger Brotherhood novels. Lots of alpha males, but the bonus in this book is that there is also a kick-butt heroine in Ollie. In fact, she steals the show…as a huge fan of Marvel and superheroes, I’m loving these characters and the cool powers they have.”

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“It was clear half-way through the book that there was a great chess game being played and only one quarter of the players knew the rules. As the book kept going, layers upon layers were being pulled back and revealed. At the end, I sat there saying, ‘Wow.'”

—Brooke Bonett, Bluestocking Guide Read full review

“Things aren’t as they appear in this debut book by R. B. Holbrook, a native of North Carolina. It’s the first in a trilogy that features members of a secret civilization who seem like regular people, except for their superior mental and physical powers. This is their ‘energy’, which they try to keep hidden but which is evident in a tattoo-like seal on their bodies.”

Holbrook has created a memorable character in Ollie. She’s a beautiful, opinionated, foul-mouthed, humorous, family-loving killer whose mother tells her, “You have a mind of your own. You have power—power people fear. Power that can do harm to others if not used appropriately. So you must show restraint.”

Readers will become invested in the characters and will be disappointed that they have to wait for the next volume to continue with their story.”

—ForeWord Magazine Read full review

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