Oracle's Legacy

Their dying leader leaves the hidden Strucutre civilization vulnerable. Powerful ambitions strike from the shadows and only one woman has the ability to stop them... Yet who will stop her?

Children of Sun (Book 1)

The Structure is a secret civilization made up of seven houses that chase after enlightenment by attempting to understand the nature of energy.

The structure of the Houses that insists upon learning and growing together is collapsing. In its place begins the seeds of infighting. Soon, without their notice, the people of the Houses begin losing their special powers.

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Shadows of Fate (Book 2)

The Oracle has been captured. The position as leader of the Structure is open for the taking. Powerful Pillars and ambitious objectives now see the chance to take over and have started drawing the lines of battle for war.

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Dawn of Illumination (Book 3)

The dying Oracle can no longer protect her Structure. Moon has exposed it from the shadows in hopes to bring ruin to the world. Thousands of years of lies and secrets have given birth to fear and mistrust. The cycle of Moon’s plots have only begun to spin.

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